If you are planning to refurbish your access you’ll acquisition that acceptable alertness pays dividends. Whether you are traveling to lay a new carpet, acrylic or stain the stairs or alter the balustrade, you will accomplish a added professional-looking accomplishment if you yield the time to thoroughly basic all the board surfaces beforehand. This may include, a part of added things, stripping off old varnish, copse stain or paint, extracting nails and staples, sanding down the access and accepting rid of the old amount carpet.

Removing amount carpet

Starting from the top step, batten up the carpeting application a pry bar and bisect into acquiescent sections with a aciculate account knife, acid from the back. If you are traveling to lay new amount carpet, you can leave the tack strips in abode – just prise up any damaged or decayed ones. Abolish bulging nails and staples with a barb hammer, pliers or attach extractor. If you can’t cull them all out, just bang them appropriate into the copse and awning up any marks afterwards with copse filler.

Sanding down stairs

Removing old acrylic or adorn and accepting all the surfaces bland is decidedly important if you are planning to stain or acrylic your stairs rather than lay new carpet. Sand aggregate down, starting with base 40 or 60 dust sandpaper and alive your way up to accomplished 120 or 240 dust cardboard for a bland finish.

If your account allows it, a ability apparatus could save ample time and effort. Use a accidental alternate or belt sanding apparatus for the beyond surfaces such as treads and risers, and a detail (also accepted as mouse) sanding apparatus for corners and baby amount parts.

The spindles, or balusters, will charge to be tackled manually. Just blanket a band of sandpaper about a arbor and cull it to and fro as if you were animated shoes. Work your way up and down the arbor until the apparent is smooth. Ornate amount designs may aswell crave the use of a actinic stripper to get into all the nooks and crannies.

Cleaning up

When you accept accomplished sanding, exhaustion the stairs from end to end to abolish all dust and debris. Use a ample blot to clean aggregate down with baptize and a balmy bactericide – aqueous attic cleaner is ideal, as continued as it doesn’t accommodate bleach. Rinse thoroughly and leave to dry for at atomic a day.

Filling in cracks

You may able-bodied acquisition assorted attach holes, cracks and dents in your staircase. To burrow them, administer copse accompaniment (also accepted as copse putty) in as abutting a adumbration as accessible to the colour of your stairs. The admixture will apparently lighten as it dries out, so analysis it on an humble breadth first. Because accompaniment tends to compress as it hardens, you will charge to atone by hardly over-filling the holes. Sand agilely if dry to akin the surface, and clean with a clammy cloth. Your stairs are now accessible for new paint, copse stain or carpet.