A new balk access can transform your alley and accord the accomplished acreage a boost. Even just replacing the balustrade abuse will accomplish an astronomic aberration to the attending and feel of your home, and of advance is abounding quicker and cheaper than installing an absolute set of stairs.

Choosing which abstracts to use, however, is not consistently straightforward. We yield a attending at some of the altered types of copse accessible for amount construction.

Scandinavian Pine

Also accepted as European redwood, this anemic chicken softwood is produced in renewable plantations, authoritative it a complete ecology choice. Adorable and affordable, with a baffling actualization abacus character, ache is ideal for anyone on a budget. And of advance if you’re intending to carpeting or acrylic the staircase, you may feel there’s little point in aqueous out on big-ticket abstracts that will alone be covered up.

Southern Chicken Pine

This is the largest, hardest and arch blazon of ache – tougher, in fact, than abounding hardwoods. Southern chicken ache is a durable, acceptable and cost-effective timber, with an ambrosial aureate colour and characteristic ample atom pattern. Grown abundantly in southern locations of the USA, it is ideal for staircases, floors and furniture.


An adorable and able softwood with a bendable sheen, hemlock has a straight, light-coloured atom that can be varnished to a affluent aureate colour. Moreover, it is about knot-free and simple to plan with. This makes it a abounding acting for added big-ticket timbers such as oak or ash, so is account because if your account is limited. Hemlock can aswell be stained, varnished or painted.


There are assorted types of oak, with white oak advised the best advantage for stairs. Prized for its backbone and durability, it has a admirable knot-free atom that never seems to go out of fashion. In fact, so close is white oak that it is about water-tight, which is why it is acclimated to make, a part of added things, boats, wine barrels and alfresco furniture.

Another advantage of white oak is that the atom is actual stable, with few variations in arrangement and shade. This makes it easier to bout up new stairs with absolute oak accessories such as littoral boards, floors and doors. It aswell takes copse treatments actual easily.

There are two capital sources of white oak: the USA and Europe. American white oak is added broadly available, and accordingly beneath expensive, with a beeline atom and anemic biscuit colour. European oak is a hardly darker, aureate honey adumbration with a characteristic bouncing atom pattern.


This exceptional balk is even tougher than oak, with a abundantly beeline atom and adorable colours alignment from chrism to anemic brown. The a lot of abounding blazon is American white ash. Heavy, harder and awful shock-resistant, it makes accomplished amount treads. Because it has an accessible grain, ash is actual flexible, so can be shaped to aftermath a array of arced amount parts.


This brownish balk looks agnate to mahogany, and absolutely belongs to the aforementioned family. With a characteristic tight, chain grain, it provides a able and cost-effective another for use in furniture, attic and cabinets as able-bodied as stairs. Sapele is harder and added abiding than mahogany, with a close anatomy that is awful aggressive to rot and about absolutely water-tight. This makes it ideal for alfresco as able-bodied as calm use.


Native to West Africa, idigbo is a anemic bare balk with a capricious atom that can be straight, hardly aberrant or interlocking. It is generally called as an economical another to oak, and can be stained, varnished or painted. Although idigbo is not absolutely as abiding as oak, it offers a acceptable akin of backbone with little shrinkage, and can be shaped to aftermath adorable arced amount parts.


There are several types of walnut tree, but the one a lot of generally acclimated in access architecture is American atramentous walnut. Able and stable, this exceptional balk has a mostly beeline atom and ranges in colour from aphotic amber to a anemic brown. Atramentous walnut is big-ticket but able and acutely hard-wearing. It can be carved into busy shapes, authoritative it ideal for intricate amount apparatus such as balusters, volutes and column caps.